Join us for our free workshop on important things to consider when negotiating construction contracts

On 29th November, our specialist construction legal team will be hosting a breakfast workshop in Central London, to help contractors and subcontractors identify the potential implications when negotiating construction contracts with the giants of the industry.

While UK construction companies typically issue standard contracts based on JCT templates when they’re appointing contractors and subcontractors, these are often supplemented by a ‘Schedule of Amendments’ that tips the balance of risk in their own favour, placing the other party at unnecessary risk.

Devised by large, well-resourced teams of in-house lawyers, these schedules often include disproportionate penalties for project delays, fitness for purpose clauses, unreasonable payment terms, the right to change the scope of the work at any time, and inflexible terms around the build specification.

Our workshop – that will be lead by Arianne King, managing partner, and Carl Asser, head of construction – will help contractors and subcontractors identify the clauses that could endanger their business operations. It will also provide some useful pointers about how to negotiate contracts that are fair to both parties.

When:                                 9:00am-11:00am, Thursday, 29th November 2018

Where:                               60 Cannon Street, EC4N 6NP

Who’s it for:                      Contractors and Subcontractors

How to sign up:                Please email Georgia Miller to reserve a place or get more information