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Adjudication is well known within the construction industry as a way to settle disputes between employers, contractors and subcontractors.

Typically taking just 28 days (though in some cases this can rise to 42 days), adjudication is considerably cheaper and quicker than going to court, a process that can drag on for months if not years.

While adjudication is a little ‘rough and ready’ – being less thorough and in some cases less accurate than litigation – it is effective in the vast majority of cases. Indeed, approximately 80% of adjudication decisions end up being final.

Our construction team has vast experience of conducting adjudications on behalf of our clients.  Furthermore, our founder, Dr Julian Critchlow, has served as an adjudicator for many years. This unrivalled insight into the adjudication process means we can enter each and every client engagement with a true understanding of what legal support is required. 

Crucially for our clients, this experience means that, in the vast majority of cases, we can now guarantee that their legal fees will not exceed a pre-determined amount.

Adjudication has long been considered an affordable and predictable alternative to litigation. With our new capped fee structure, we are taking these benefits one step further, giving clients additional peace of mind over their fees and, more importantly, their cash flow.

For more information on our services for the construction industry, please contact either, Arianne King or Dr. Julian Critchlow at or, respectively.