Foreign Investment into the UK

One of Britain’s biggest assets competing in the global economy is our deserved reputation for being a dependable and confident place in which to do business.

Our legal system, our framework of company law and our standards of corporate governance have long been admired around the world.

This gives us an international competitive advantage and is an important factor in making the UK an attractive place in which to invest.

More companies locate their businesses in the UK than anywhere else in Europe.
International companies locate to the UK because they want to:

  • gain access to new or existing customers;
  • research and develop new products;
  • find new suppliers and partners;
  • and expand their business throughout Europe.

Companies in the UK can reach more than 500 million consumers across Europe. This factor, alongside the UK’s strong infrastructure, large skilled workforce (second largest in the EU), and excellent transport links (second largest port industry and the largest air transport system in Europe, and the most improved rail network in the EU) account for the vast advantages of businesses investing in the UK corporate world.

Whether you are looking to set up a business, identify and purchase a business, find a suitable agent or distributor, secure suitable real estate investments or to use the UK as part of your personal tax planning, we can help you.

Our international presence means that we can offer unrivaled expertise on all forms of foreign investment into the UK.